Streaming TV

Watching TVs

Streaming TV is just like regular TV, just delivered over the internet. Another great feature is that is so much less expensive that standard cable.

We know it can be scary to try something new, but we promise you won’t be disappointed! If you are nervous about making the switch, call us or stop into the office so we can show you how it works and go over the many different packages that are available.

Here’s what you will need to watch streaming TV
• Wireless Internet at least 15Mb
• A device such as a Roku (plugged in to your TV)
• And simply sign up with one of the packages below to start streaming!

We offer great bundles for our Internet and Streaming TV with or without home phone!

FUBO is a great choice for everyone, but especially the sport’s fanatic! Please click the link above to see the packages and choose one that best fits what you love to watch!
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Philo is the least expensive of the two. It’s geared more toward someone that doesn’t care about watching the locals, and loves just a few channels. 
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