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Streaming TV Packages in Conneaut, Ohio

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Why Is Streaming TV Better?

If you have heard of the alternative to buying cable TV packages, then you are one step closer to a better television experience. Streaming TV is the newest craze, but that’s because it actually is better in many ways. For one, it is usually much less expensive than cable. For another, you only pay for the channels and shows you want. You don’t have to scroll through endless channels you don’t watch.

What Packages Can You Choose?

At GreatWave Communications, we offer great bundles. For the sports lover, FUBO is your number one option. Of course, not only sports lovers will enjoy FUBO. This package also includes news, network television, and movies. For the frugal customer, Philo is a great option. If you aren’t super interested in local channels, you don’t have to pay for them. Enjoy channels you love at a lower price.

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What Do You Need to Stream TV?

Streaming TV comes with a few requirement, but they are easy to obtain. First off, your wireless internet connection speed should be at least 15Mb. If you get our fiber optic internet, you will already have the speeds you need. You also need a smart device like Roku to plug into your television. And finally, sign up for one of our packages. Do those three things, and you will enjoy TV sooner than later.

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