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Benefits of Traditional Phone Service

Many people might not think that traditional phones are useful, but we would beg to differ. If you live in a rural area, power outages are common, especially during storms. A landline with a corded phone still works even when the power is out. Other advantages of landlines, cordless or corded, include superior sound quality and no more dropped calls.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Service

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, works for businesses and residential homes alike. At GreatWave Communications, we offer this service to provide our customers with a variety of useful features. You can more easily multitask. The voice quality is clear and reliable, and VoIP is also often cheaper than other phone service choices. Contact us to learn more.

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Benefits of Long-Distance Phone Service

Do you have family or friends that live overseas or over borders? You can still talk to them, and it doesn’t have to cost a crazy amount. While phone calls can never replace a face-to-face visit, our long-distance phone service offers flawless sound and dependable connections. Contact us to learn more about our packages. We also offer per minute pricing.

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