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Important Disclosure Information for Conneaut, Ohio

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To stay compliant with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Greatwave Communications must disclose certain practices outlined in the Open Internet Order.  These practices include network management practices, performance characteristics, service descriptions, and commercial terms.


BLOCKING: Blocking of specific ports is not a current practice as there have been no threats to date to not allow specific types of traffic.  However, when deemed necessary, specific public IP addresses are blocked as a security measure to counteract against known threats of penetration attempts that have been discovered against our network.

THROTTLING: Throttling of any fashion is not currently being implemented.

AFFILIATED PRIORITIZATION:  Affiliated Prioritization is not a common practice unless this is specifically outlined in an agreement with and end user to restrain bandwidth with multiple connections to the DMARC.

PAID PRIORITIZATION: Paid prioritization is not a practice that prioritizes specific types of traffic over another.

CONGESTION MANAGEMENT: Congestion management is not enforced.  Depending on the type of service, shared or dedicated, will determine the complete throughput of said traffic through specific hardware.

APPLICATION-SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR: Application -specific behavior is not enforced as we do not block any known ports.

DEVICE ATTACHMENT RULES: Device attachment rules are not enforced.  However, the end user needs to be aware of premise equipment may inhibit traffic that ISP has no control over.  This includes age of equipment and number of devices on customer’s local network.

SECURITY: Security is implemented to guard against specific types of attacks such as DOS, or Denial of Service, attacks. Incase of a known attack, engineers do have access to monitoring devices and software to stop the attacks in a timely manner.


The FCC requires that we disclose performance criteria.  Depending on the type of connection (DSL, cable, or fiber), will depend on the speeds that can be offered.  Greatwave Communication offers an asymmetrical and symmetrical solution.  In addition, there is shared bandwidth infrastructure geared more towards a residential connection and a dedicated connection geared more towards a commercial solution.

Latency, speeds, response times, and speed tests vary depending on the solution and time of day.  There are many sites to run a speed test from.  However, multiple factors are involved when testing the connection from the end user device.  These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Speed test site
  • Time of day of speed test
  • Path of test
  • Speed test server response time
  • Customer equipment
  • Exact physical point the test is taken
  • Wired or hardwired
  • Number of devices on the network

Each factor will have a different affect on the test being taken.  Any other services that use the Internet may also be affected by the above mentioned such as streaming video.


PRICING: Greatwave Communications offer multiple tiers of service for each type of broadband service.  You can call our offices at 440-593-7140 for our most current prices.  You may also go to our website www.greatwavecom.com for special promotions.  Pricing varies between our shared and dedicated services among other

PRIVACY POLICY: Greatwave Communications values the privacy of our customers.  Personal information is not shared unless a subpoena is issued by a governing agency.

CONCERNS: If you have any concerns about your service, please feel free to contact Greatwave Communications at 440-593-7140.  Or you can email us at callcenter@greatwavecom.com

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